Customize Your Military Coins With Ease & Quality

“A penny counts,” this is an old saying of some people. There is also a coin that worth much. It refers to the challenge coin such as the military coin.

A military coin is like a medallion. It bears the emblem and the insignia of an organization or a group. It is given to people that are recognized for their outstanding performance or have special achievements. In United States Armed Services, this is traditionally practiced. It is also a symbol of pride and brotherhood. It signifies identity that you belong to an organization. This can boost the morale of the bearer too.

Origins and History

The coins originated back during the Roman Empire. The Romans awarded their soldiers in recognition of their achievements. In addition, the most documented story about military coins was during the World War I. An American pilot was captured and detained by the German forces. Then the British Forces attacked the German forces. They defeated the German and the American pilot was confronted by the French soldiers. They suspected that he was a German and they wanted to end his life. However, the American pilot gave his leather pouch that has the medallion or the military coin. The French captors recognized the emblem of the squadron and released him. The military coin has spared his life.

Challenge Coins

The coin serves as an identification of your organization. And this can be used in important events that can save your life. Some of the well-known military coins are the Original USAF Airman’s Coins, the US Maine Corps Birthday Ball Medallion, The US Civil Affairs Corps Coin, the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers, and US Coast Guard Coin, among others.

A military coin can be customized according to the artwork and designs of your organization. The two basic methods of manufacturing coins are the die struck bronze and the zinc alloy casting.

Customize your Military Coins

Many companies manufacture commemorative coins, and a number of them are operating online. Designing military commemorative coins is easy, mainly because there are graphic artists that would complete the design of your coins. You just have to tell him your ideas of the design or artwork. You can send them online at their website. They accept drawings, adobe files, scans, and images, among others. Then they would evaluate your ideas and convert them into a unique and appealing design. Of course, you have to approve it first. If there were revisions, they would be willing to change them until you are fully satisfied with the designs.

Once you approved the design, you may now give the other details such as the size and shape of the coin. They offer sizes ranging from 1.50 inches to 3 inches diameter. And they have round and custom shapes such as the polygon shape, square shape, and the dog tag shape. Thirdly, you may choose the metal styles. They offer coins that are of polished gold, antique gold, polished silver, antique silver, polished brass, antique brass, polished copper, antique copper, black nickel metal and the duotone metal. Once you have chosen the coin options, they will produce it based on the units that you need. You will receive your coins within 14 to 17 days. Some manufacturers even offer the shipping free of charge.

The cost of the coins depends on your chosen method of manufacturing the coins. The die-struck bronze is more expensive while the zinc alloy casting is of low price rates. It also depends on the sizes and the design of the coins. The coins may cost from US $2.50 to US $12.75.

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Our military coins are perfect for honoring veterans and current military accomplishments, bravery, dedication and more.Custom military coins have a distinguished history, dating back at least to World War I.